©2020 Nancy McLean for State Senate


Affordable Healthcare

Too many Minnesotans are struggling to afford healthcare. Even as a healthcare provider, I struggle to provide healthcare for my own family.  At times our healthcare has cost as much as $40,000. This is not sustainable. Escalating healthcare costs are hurting our citizens, our community and our economy. No person should stay awake at night worrying that they could go bankrupt, lose their home, or have their life derailed by a sudden illness or medical emergency. 

Creating comprehensive healthcare reform for all Minnesotans is one of my top priorities.  Healthcare should not be a for-profit business. We need to enact policies that will serve our community's healthcare needs, not the interests of wealthy insurance executives.


While I support a version of Medicare For All at the national level, we don’t have to wring our hands and wait for the federal government to figure it out.  Minnesota can be a leader by creating a state based health plan that reduces waste and inefficiency and provides all Minnesotans with healthcare that keeps decisions between you and your doctor.

In addition to improving health outcomes, reducing health costs would also be a huge boost for small businesses in Minnesota, allowing companies to spend less on health insurance and more on innovation, growth, and wages for employees.


It seems our current politicians are stuck in place when it comes to solving the healthcare crisis facing our community, our state, and our nation. As someone who has worked within the healthcare system and understands firsthand the necessity of affordable healthcare, I have the tools and vision to bring real solutions to the table.

Quality Education

Our community is only as strong as our schools. Parents shouldn't have to worry that their child isn't getting the education they deserve because of their zip code. Every parent wants their child to have a world-class education that allows them the opportunity to compete in the global market.


We need to ensure that funding isn't what gets in their way.  Fully funding pre-K through 12 public education is necessary so we can ensure that every child receives the education they deserve to thrive in the future. This is not only essential for our kids, but it's the right thing to do for our communities and our economy. 

The question isn't whether we can afford to improve public education in Minnesota. The question is whether we can afford not to.

Clean Environment

This district is home to some of the most precious natural habitats in Minnesota, and as a longtime resident, I want to ensure that our lakes, rivers, and forests are around for generations to come. The time is now to take actions to ensure that we all have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and the environment is preserved for us all to enjoy. 

Amid federal rollbacks on pollution control, Minnesota must stand strong to protect our richest asset — our environment. We have the opportunity to lead the nation on the issue of climate change. Reducing waste and carbon emissions, protecting our natural lands, and encouraging renewable energy projects not only helps the environment but strengthens and diversifies our economy. 

I will support measures backed by science that will keep Minnesota's environment vibrant and healthy for us all. 

Strong Infrastructure

In both our towns and our rural areas, Minnesota's roads and bridges are dangerous. With the American Society of Civil Engineers giving our nation's infrastructure a grade of D+, we need to make rebuilding our infrastructure a top priority.

Minnesota can be a leader in high-quality roads and bridges and create thousands of new infrastructure jobs across the state in the process. We should also expand public transit, including new routes from the Twin Cities to our district. Investing in public transit would reduce gas consumption, alleviate the burden of traffic, and grow the economy.